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Moyo Media Co. Ltd
Misufini Street, 74205 Kichungwani P. O. Box 271 Chake –Chake, South – Pemba, Zanzibar –Tanzania

Moyo Media Co. Ltd is the media and ICT Company based in Tanzania. It was founded back in 2008. We are dealing with Web Solutions, ICT Solutions, Graphic Designing and Video Productions. OUR MISSION is To inject energy and passion into what we do and make life interesting and exciting for everyone while OUR VISION is To become the leading services provider in Zanzibar, Tanzania and across the world.


Creativity and Innovation:
We love being inspired and being inspirational for others. We enjoy pushing boundaries, experimenting and taking risks as a way of learning and discovering new experiences.

High Nobility:
We value quality in what we do and how we do it. We believe our work gives people memorable experiences and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

We want to have fun and to be fun for other people. We believe in injecting energy and passion into what we do and making life interesting and exciting for everyone.

Human First:
We believe in being grounded, approachable and human-scale. We recognize and appreciate peoples’ diverse skills and talents and believe in investing time and energy in supporting each other and sharing our knowledge and experience.

“We will work to make sure your business succeeds”


+255 24 245 2074
OnPoint Africa group
Cocody,Riviera III Selmer,18 BP 3477 Abidjan 18

OnPoint Africa Group is a leading management, strategy and investment consulting firm in Sub-Saharan Africa. It was created in 2009 by former principles of BGC and McKinsey.

Our activities include strategic consulting, restructuring and Big Data. We have expertise in developing strategies to improve performance, and help our clients in making critical choices, the development of investments, and the analysis of business opportunities.

We are experts in the deployment of strategy for performance improvement and we have unique capabilities in terms of searching for primary data.

OnPoint Africa group specializes in strategic consulting, restructuring and big data for executives, investors and governments.

OnPoint is almost 10 years of experience, 53 projects over the last 4 years and missions in 29 African countries. It is also an experienced team of Consultants, statisticians and mathematicians, data scientists and new tools such as the market data platform fed by a collection network of 400 investigators in the sub-region.

We are experts in statistical studies, market intelligence, industrial data production and data mining with expertise developed in African markets. We combine a unique mix of analytical, informatics, and field skills that enable us to develop information bases available nowhere else. Our work serves as sharp decision support tools in sectors as diverse as consumer goods, telecoms, the financial sector, and real estate.

Large African companies, multinationals, governments, international lenders and private equity funds trust us to support them in deploying their strategy, improving their performance and in their key transactions on the continent.

We are committed to:

Develop and implement winning strategies and ensure enduring competitive advantage
Identify and evaluate attractive investments and growth opportunities in your target sectors on the continent
Optimize your regional footprints while minimizing operational risks and considering local constraints
Raise financing for your acquisitions and growth initiatives
Effectively execute surveys and provide market research services in African markets where data is scarce to non-existent

We aim for excellence and far reaching client impact

We partner with clients to address some of their toughest problems and identify the most attractive opportunities for them. We have developed a comprehensive, proprietary knowledge base of key countries, sectors and business environments. This knowledge allows us to address problems no one else can. We have robust industry and functional expertise in key African markets.

Our strength is the ability to get to the heart of a problem very quickly, arrive at practical recommendations with full internal buy-in.

(+225) 22 47 61 44
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The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA)
Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA)
African Development Bank Group (AfDB),
Immeuble CCIA Abidjan Plateau
Avenue Jean-Paul II, 01 BP 1387, Abidjan 01 Côte d’Ivoire

What is ADEA?
The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) is first and foremost a forum for policy dialogue. Established in 1988 as a framework for better coordination among development agencies, it has evolved into a pan-African institution built on a genuine partnership between African ministries of education and training and their technical and external partners.

The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) is first and foremost a forum for policy dialogue. It acts as a catalyst for reforms and promising policies and practices through the pooling of ideas, experience, lessons learned and knowledge. One of its major objectives is to encourage exchanges between ministries of education and between them and development agencies.

ADEA is first and foremost a forum for policy dialogue on education policies and a partnership between African education and training ministries in Africa and their technical and funding partners.

Founded in 1988 at the instigation of the World Bank, it has evolved into a pan-African institution based within the African Development Bank (AfDB).

ADEA is also a network of policy-makers, educators and researchers, and, based on its capacity to foster policy dialogue and pool ideas, experience, lessons learned and knowledge, a catalyst for educational reform. It is recognized today as being a major actor in the processes of dialogue, sharing and learning for qualitative change in education aimed at promoting Africa’s development.

One principle underlying ADEA’s philosophy is that the responsibility for education rests with the governments of Africa. This is why ADEA is concerned with fostering a process that empowers African ministries of education and makes development agencies more responsive to the concept of national ownership. ADEA’s activities help strengthen policy dialogue between governments and agencies, between governments, and between development agencies. Its activities also enhance institutional and technical capacities within Africa by establishing networks for the sharing of information and the dissemination of successful strategies and innovations. Within this context, ADEA fosters regional, sub-regional and cross-country exchanges as well as partnerships with civil society institutions.


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