Moyo Media Co. Ltd
Misufini Street, 74205 Kichungwani P. O. Box 271 Chake –Chake, South – Pemba, Zanzibar –Tanzania

Moyo Media Co. Ltd is the media and ICT Company based in Tanzania. It was founded back in 2008. We are dealing with Web Solutions, ICT Solutions, Graphic Designing and Video Productions. OUR MISSION is To inject energy and passion into what we do and make life interesting and exciting for everyone while OUR VISION is To become the leading services provider in Zanzibar, Tanzania and across the world.


Creativity and Innovation:
We love being inspired and being inspirational for others. We enjoy pushing boundaries, experimenting and taking risks as a way of learning and discovering new experiences.

High Nobility:
We value quality in what we do and how we do it. We believe our work gives people memorable experiences and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

We want to have fun and to be fun for other people. We believe in injecting energy and passion into what we do and making life interesting and exciting for everyone.

Human First:
We believe in being grounded, approachable and human-scale. We recognize and appreciate peoples’ diverse skills and talents and believe in investing time and energy in supporting each other and sharing our knowledge and experience.

“We will work to make sure your business succeeds”
+255 24 245 2074
Zanzibar Connections Company Limited  – ComNet
2nd Floor, Old Tritel Building, Migomabni Opp. Mnara Mbao, Airport Road
PO Box 3819, Zanzibar

Mkwawa Road House No. 2 Block 12, Green Area,
Off Kenyatta Drive – Oysterbay
P.O. Box 5234, Dar es Salaam

Mkwakwani opposite Old Tanga Secondary School
TFA Building, First Floor
P.O. Box 539, Tanga

Dodoma Office
Barabara 11
Akiba Commercial Bank Building, 4th Floor

Zanzibar Connections Company Limited is a telecommunication enterprise providing dedicated Internet services, data security, surveillance systems and other value added services associated with ICT services in Tanzania.

The company is using ComNet as a business name.  Incorporated in 2009, the company commenced its operations in Zanzibar; over time ComNet has undergone rapid transformation from an Internet Service Provider in Zanzibar to becoming a data transfer and telecommunication partner to corporates, government institutions and individuals across the country.

At ComNet we believe that it is the people and not the machines that create value to the service that we provide to our customers. We have a team of professionals that are trained and qualified to oversee operations and provide first class service.

ComNet has taken a leading role in the recruitment and training of local talents to fill key positions in the organization. We recognize the social and financial imbalances of our society and seek to apply capacity building and training initiatives to address these areas through training and developing Tanzanians.

ComNet is still expanding its operations in Tanzania, which now include installation and support of Data Communication Infrastructures, Oil and Gas Automation Systems, Security Systems, Bespoke Applications Development and Networking Infrastructures.

ComNet offers its services in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba), Dar Es Salaam, Tanga, Coastal Region (Bagamoyo and Mafia), Mwanza, Mtwara, Arusha, Mbeya and Dodoma.

Our Mission

“To champion for the advancement Of Internet connectivity and data Communication as a leading Internet Service Provider in Tanzania using state of the art Technology.”

We at ComNet strive to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform from which to service the built environment and in particular, our valued Clients.

As a leading Internet Service Provider in Tanzania, ComNet offer state of the art information and communication technology solution and services that is reliable, secured and affordable to all.
Our Vision

“To become a strategic enabler to our customer’s business infrastructure and the preferred choice in the delivery of innovative and integrative Information and Communication Technology solutions and services in Tanzania. We will continue to map our experiences and skills with customer business demands.”

Innovation is an important enabler of new business opportunities and improved customer relationships. By constantly searching for technological innovations that will provide performance enhancing solutions to our customers and striving for the highest standards of service; ComNet will continue to champion for the advancement of ICT in terms of technology and services in Tanzania.
+255 (24) 2233568 | +255 774 236173 | +255 737 006036
+255 (24) 2233416
The University of Dodoma
Contacts General Office
P.O.Box 259 Dodoma,Tanzania
+255 26 2310000

About Us

Dodoma City is located in the centre of the country (6°10’23’’S; 35°44’31’’E), 455 km west of the former capital, Dar es Salaam; and 441 km south of Arusha City, the cradle of the East African Community. It is also 259 km north of Iringa Municipality through Mtera. The City covers an area of 2,669 km2 of which 625 km2 is urbanised.
Dodoma features a semi-arid climate with relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. Although average maximums are consistent throughout the year, average minimums drop to 13°C in July. The average annual precipitation is 570 mm, most of which occurs during the wet season between November and April, with the remainder of the year comprising dry season.
The recently refurbished Dodoma Airport and the Central Railway Line connecting it over a distance of 465 km with Dar es Salaam serve the city. There are also major highways connecting Dodoma with Dar es Salaam (via Morogoro Region) to the east, Mwanza City (via Singida) to the west, and Arusha (via Kondoa) to the north.
The University is located about 8 km east of the city centre, and is accessible by public transport, which is easily available from the city centre. Given the central location of Dodoma, UDOM is strategically positioned to serve applicants around the country and specifically Government and private sector employees living in Dodoma, who hitherto could not find training opportunities in the area. Such employees can comfortably utilise UDOM to combine work and study for their career advancement. Additionally, the geographical location and Dodoma weather render UDOM a convenient place for international students.

Our Goals

The goal is “To increase the contribution of higher education in Tanzania’s attainment of economic growth, reduction of poverty, and improved social wellbeing of Tanzanians through increased access to higher education, technological innovation, and generation and application of knowledge.”

Our Vision

The vision of the UDOM is “To become a centre of excellence that offers value added training, research and public services”.

Our Mission

The mission of the UDOM is “To provide comprehensive, gender sensitive and quality education to a broad segment of the population through teaching, research, and public services in the fields of education, health and allied sciences, natural sciences, earth sciences, information and communication technologies, business, humanities and social sciences”.


The University of Dodoma (UDOM) is located at Chimwaga area about 8 kilometers East of Dodoma town center. The University is within Dodoma District and covers an area of about 15,000 acres (6,000 hectares). The site has a very prominent view as it is situated on a hilly area.


The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007 following the signing of the Charter by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The first academic programmes commenced in September 2007. The University has been designed on a seven campus college mode each of which is semi-autonomous. In its structure, the seven colleges are:

College of Education
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Informatics and Virtual Education
College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
College of Health Sciences
College of Earth Sciences
College of Business Studies and Law


The broad objective of establishing UDOM is “To create in Tanzania a place where knowledge will be transferred from one generation to another; a place where through relevant teaching and learning processes, human capital vested with knowledge and skills for economic development of Tanzania will be produced; and a place where through relevant research, the frontiers of knowledge will be advanced and provide solutions to the people’s sufferings”.
+255 26 2310000
Abood Fm Radio
Morogoro Office
Plot No. 9-14 Block C
Msamvu industrial area
P.O Box 678, Morogoro

Abood Fm Radio is one of the top profile radio station in Morogoro. Abood FM Radio is a creative, vibrant, contemporary, entertainment radio station, predominately broadcasting in Swahili. With a 18-year successful history, we have perfected the art of sieving from all the music, politics, sports and social news available, to produce a creatively blended product that resonates with our target audience, truly making us the people’s station.

Coverage of Abood Fm Radio in Frequencies:-
+255 753 999 516 | +255 (0) 23 261 3589 | +255 (0) 23 261 3925
Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL)
P.O.BOX 543 Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania,
ATC House, Second Floor, Ohio Street ,
Dar Es Salaam

Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is the national airline of Tanzania based in Dar es Salaam with its hub at Julius Nyerere International Airport. The Company was established in 1977 following the dissolution of East African Airways and has been a member of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) since its inception.

Following its establishment, ATCL has gone through a number changes in its structure and ownership as a result of the Government’s efforts to ensure that the country owns a strong national airline. The changes include partial privatization of ATCL in 2002 when the Government reduced its shareholding to 51 percent and entered into a partnership with South African Airways (SAA). The partnership ended in 2006 when the Government repurchased SAA shares to recapture its 100% ownership of ATCL.

As the Government regained full ownership of ATCL, it invested heavily in the ATCL operations’ systems to enable ATCL operate efficiently again. The Government efforts to rebuild ATCL, through various options, continued until 2016 when it decided to develop a specific program for revamping the ATCL. The ATCL revamping program included purchasing of six new aircraft between 2016 and 2018, payment of debts and provision of Startup capital, improvement and modernization of business systems.

The ATCL fleet improvement program included purchasing of six aircraft as follows: three Bombardier DASH8 Q400, two delivered in September 2016 and one in June 2017; two Airbus A220-300 and one Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivered between May and December 2018. By July 2018, ATCL will be operating the fleet of seven aircraft as it has been operating one Bombardier DASH8 Q300 since 2011.
With improved fleet, ATCL is confident to regain its position as a serious competitor in the air transport market. The ongoing ATCL fleet and network expansion program include destinations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and US.
Mission and Vision
To be the airline of choice that exceeds customers’ expectations.
To our passengers:

To provide reliable, safe and sustainable high quality airline services globally.

To our employees:

To provide a working environment for our employees to excel through constant training & development and supported by an effective reward and recognition program.
Call Toll Free Number: 0800110045 / For Emergency Call 0222113248
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