Moyo Media Co. Ltd
Misufini Street, 74205 Kichungwani P. O. Box 271 Chake –Chake, South – Pemba, Zanzibar –Tanzania

Moyo Media Co. Ltd is the media and ICT Company based in Tanzania. It was founded back in 2008. We are dealing with Web Solutions, ICT Solutions, Graphic Designing and Video Productions. OUR MISSION is To inject energy and passion into what we do and make life interesting and exciting for everyone while OUR VISION is To become the leading services provider in Zanzibar, Tanzania and across the world.


Creativity and Innovation:
We love being inspired and being inspirational for others. We enjoy pushing boundaries, experimenting and taking risks as a way of learning and discovering new experiences.

High Nobility:
We value quality in what we do and how we do it. We believe our work gives people memorable experiences and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

We want to have fun and to be fun for other people. We believe in injecting energy and passion into what we do and making life interesting and exciting for everyone.

Human First:
We believe in being grounded, approachable and human-scale. We recognize and appreciate peoples’ diverse skills and talents and believe in investing time and energy in supporting each other and sharing our knowledge and experience.

“We will work to make sure your business succeeds”
+255 24 245 2074
WorldRemit Ltd
62 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ, United Kingdom.

What we do

We’re changing the way people send money abroad. We’re taking something complicated and making it simple.

We want to make online money transfer faster, easier and lower cost.

Send to more than 145 countries around the world including the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and India, and choose whether your transfer is received as a bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money or airtime top-up.

We have over 3 million happy customers – a number that’s growing every day. After all, 85,000 5★ reviews can’t be wrong!
What we stand for

We believe in helping our customers’ hard work go further. We’ve helped millions of children to go to school, helped thousands of people to receive medical treatment and, every week, we help tens of thousands of people to pay their bills.

We bring online money transfer into the modern world – and most importantly, we do it all with the creativity, imagination and colourful spirit of our customers!

Our humble beginnings

While studying in London, Ismail Ahmed needed to send money home to his family in Africa. Every transaction meant a long journey across the city to an agent who charged a small fortune in fees.

Right then, he decided to try to make a difference in an industry that supports millions of people exactly like him.

Ismail’s vision then – to help people just like him improve the lives of those they care about – remains at the heart of everything we stand for today.

Every saving we can make for our customers has a direct impact on the people and communities you care about. In fact, 3x more money is sent to emerging economies through personal transfers like yours than through official development aid – and those funds really adds up!

The future of our global success

The work we’re doing is making a splash in the fintech industry too. Accel Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures have invested $140 million in us – and as early backers of the likes of Facebook, Spotify and Netflix, we know we’re in good company! Not only that, but we’re also a member of TechCity UK’s prestigious FutureFifty.

Our global headquarters are in London, UK with regional offices in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Call UK: 0207 148 5800 / US & CANADA:1-888-772-7771 / AUSTRALIA: 02 6145 2161
Extreme Web Technologies
Extreme Web Technologies Ltd,
1st Floor, Wing B,
Amverton Office Park,
Plot 64, Lugalo Street,
P. O. Box 75859,
Dar es Salaam,

Our History

Extreme Web Technologies was formed by Akberali Sumar (20) and Mohsin Sumar (17) – two brothers who dreamt to someday be the Number 1 Web Host in Tanzania. They understood the need to introduce exceptional & quality web services including domain name & web hosting services to connect local businesses in Tanzania to the world. Along with quality web services, Akberali & Mohsin were also interested in introducing and staying ahead in best practices in web design, web development and online marketing in Tanzania.


Extreme Web Technologies launched its very own search engine and business directory called Search Tanzania. Search Tanzania was amongst the first online marketing services offered by Extreme Web Technologies.

Later that year, Extreme Web Technologies introduced web SMS (short message service) solution called Extreme Web SMS. This solution service was integrated on clients’ websites as an added on service to act as instant notification via SMS on events such as new sign ups or enquiry.


Extreme Web Technologies moved to its first offices located in the heart of Dar es Salaam city centre, on the 5th floor of Osman Towers (opposite Elia Complex) on Zanaki Street.

Later that year, Extreme Web Technologies achieved its dream title – Tanzania’s # 1 Web Host – after serving over 160 top level domain names with just over 12% market share in Tanzania’s Web Hosting Industry.


Extreme Web Technologies introduced one of its flagship services called Extreme Mailing List as part of its strategy to introduce online marketing solutions. This solution is being used by businesses to market their offerings to their customers for better business retention.

That same year, SimbaHost, another web hosting business in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania could not keep up with its company growth and partnered with Extreme Web Technologies to provide superior customer services. Together, they now hold over 30% market share in Tanzania’s Web Hosting Industry.


Extreme Web Technologies grew from a two man company to a team that comprises of graphic designers, web designers and web programmers along with sales, marketing, operations & support personnel.


As part of our long term strategy, we transitioned all SimbaHost customers to Extreme Web Technologies to maintain one brand name.


The management team, after looking back over the years, decided to pivot Extreme Web Technologies to focus only on domain registration, web hosting, reseller hosting and related products.

The other products were taken over by our sister company, Rahisisha Solutions Ltd.


We turned 10, and stay true to our original mission statement: “To be Tanzania’s #1 web host and provide exceptional 24/7 top notch quality web hosting with our dedicated customer happiness team.”

Extreme Web Technologies Ltd,
+255 411 222 333
Pemba connect (now Pemba Live)

Pemba connect ni gazeti mtandao ambalo lilianzishwa mnamo  mwezi wa 3 , 2010.
Madhumuni Makuu:
1. Kuipasha dunia kuhusiana na matukio yanayotekea Zanzibar
2. Kuitangaza Zanzibar , kimataifa .
3. Kuleta mabadiliko katika ulimwengu wa habari na Mawasiliano

Pemba Connect inaweza kupatikana kupitia

Na Pemba Live ni mtandao ambao ulisajiliwa tarehe 16 January, 2015 kama jina la biashara chini ya sheria no: 168 ya Zanzibar na kupatiwa usajili namba 25/2015

Madhumuni Makuu:

Kutangaza/Kuorodhesha Biashara zote zilizoko kisiwani Pemba, Tanzania kwa ujumla (yaani Business Directory)
Kutangaza nafasi za ajira popote duniani zinapotokea.
Kupashana matukio muhimu yanayotokea kisiwani Pemba

Na Pemba live inaweza kupatikana kupitia anuani ya

Baada ya kukaa vikao tofauti vya Bodi ya Ushauri ya kampuni kwa lengo la kuboresha huduma na kutafuta jina jipya la gazeti mtandao la Pemba Connect, Uongozi wa kampuni tumeamua kuunganisha mitandao yetu hii miwili ya Pemba Connect na Pemba Live na kuunda kitu kimoja.

Hivyo leo tarehe 09/12/2017, Tunatangaza rasmi kwamba “Pemba Connect itajulikana kama Pemba Live, na huduma zote zilizokuwa zikitolewa na mitandao yetu hii zitapatikana kwa kupitia mtandao mmoja wa”

Official Websites
Jamii Forums

A) Jamii Forums ilianzishwa lini? Na kwanini ikaitwa Jamii Forums na si jina lingine?

JamiiForums (jina) limeanza Mei 2008 lakini JamboForums (jina) lilianza mwaka 2006 Machi.

Kimsingi, historia ya JF (aidha iitwe JamiiForums au JamboForums) iko hivi:

JF imeanza mwaka 2006 mwezi Machi, ni baada ya kuwa tuna majukwaa mbalimbali kama Uchaguzi Tanzania, Tanzania Economic Forum, Habari Tanzania, Jambo Network, Jambo Radio na Jambo Videos.

Mkusanyiko wa majukwaa haya ulipelekea kuwa na kusanyiko moja ambalo kwa wakati huo (2006) tuliamua kuliita, jina ambalo tulilitumia hadi mwezi Mei 2008 lakini ikatupelekea kubadilisha jina kwenda JamiiForums kutokana na mgongano wa matumizi ya jina la JamboForums ambapo tulikuwa hatujachukua copyrights (haki miliki) za jina ingawa baadaye tulifanikiwa kulimiliki kihalali. Hatukutaka kusimamisha moja kwa moja matumizi ya JF hivyo tukafikiria jina mbadala la JamboForums na kubaini kuwa tayari hili kusanyiko la wadau ni kusanyiko la Jamii, na bado Jamii ilikuwa ikiendelea kutunza JF kama wengi wanavyopenda kufupisha.


Zee Communications Ltd (Zanlink)
ZEE Communications Ltd (Zanlink)
P.O. Box 4204,
Tiger House, Ground Floor,
Vuga Street,
Zanzibar, TANZANIA.

Zanlink is the leading ISP in Zanzibar providing high speed broadband and various connectivity solutions.

Since its inception in 2000, Zanlink has been on the forefront of providing the most reliable, efficient and unmatched customer experience through a focused and dedicated approach and has attained a high level of customer confidence. This has propelled Zanlink to position itself as the ‘true customer centric organization’.

Zanlink has set up a high quality network infrastructurethat consists of a City Wide fiber optical and microwave Network backbone that supports a wide range of convergent services such as fast broadband access, voice, data, hosting and various other connectivity solutions. This network spans over various areas in Zanzibar and Pemba. Zanlink has recently established a Point of Presence (PoP) on mainland Tanzania providing various VLAN and Layer 2 data links. This move has given Zanlink the scope to form strategic partnerships with other global operators in East Africa further developing the way Zanzibar can connect globally.

With over 14 years of experience, Zanlink has a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise which allows us to provide bespoke, intelligent solutions for every client. Zanlink provides its services to small, medium and large organizations both in the private and public sectors, helping them to harness the power of the Internet. Over the years, through our organic growth and partnerships, we have managed to build the largest customer base with over 65% market share. Our clients include some of the largest resorts, International agencies, educational Institutions and Government Ministries and Parastatals.
+255-24-223 7481 | +255-778-688440
Frontline Porter Novelli.
, ,

Our clients believe in us because we address change and shape opinions, decisions, impressions, attitudes and behaviors and activate this change to the audiences that matter most to them.

Research based: We believe in the power of data and consumer insights in coming up with campaigns that will influence and change behavior.
We are planning-based: Our Global communications planning approach enables us to deliver deeper human insights that go beyond influencing attitudes and behavior change. Through integrated approaches, we weave a compelling story to our clients.
Our global network: provides us with world-class support intelligence, resources and tools that are of international standards.
Our network of influencers: We have a wealth of key authoritative influencers including the media, the government, civil societies and NGOs with whom we can engage with for the benefits of our clients.
Our team: We boast an experienced team that’s professionally trained to deliver beyond our clients’ expectations.
SSC Capital
Floor, Mlimani Tower,
Sam Nujoma Rd
P.O box 12942,
Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

SSC Capital is a financial and investment advisory firm helping investors find the right investment assets while supporting businesses in building their businesses to be more robust, sustainable, with high value.

Formerly known as SSC Consulting, the firm has re-branded to SSC Capital to reflect its new focus on offering finance and investment related services.

We offer traditional consulting services, private equity and venture capital services, funds management, and managing a crowdfunding platform in Tanzania.

The firm has been operational for seven years now, having served a diverse of clients from both public and private sector, and has managed to raise more then USD 400m for its clients in Tanzania.

The firm’s headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with a branch office in Kigali, Rwanda.

linkages, and policy advocacy.

Our vision is “Becoming an investment house with a combined AUM of USD 20m in all platforms by 2025.”
+255 022 550 0109
METL Group

METL Group is Tanzania’s largest home-grown company, worth more than $1 billion with a presence in 11 countries in Africa, such as Uganda, Ethiopia Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, DR Congo and ofcourse Tanzania.

From providing logistic services to manufacturing products and brands that people love, METL group helps growth in the African Market and beyond.

We have the best available talent, and are consistently investing in our people and our infrastructure.
+255 222 122 830
Monfinance Investment Group Ltd
, ,

Monfinance Investment Group Ltd is a company that offers business development and Consultancy services including Facilitation of:

+255 65 576 4629
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