Invitation to attend e-Learning for Primary & Secondary Schools Project – Phase Two

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you and your school/college that Shaibu Foundation has organized a 5 Days Training for each beneficiary institutions/Schools  on “e-Learning for Primary & Secondary Schools Project – Phase Two” starting on October 20, 2020. We would be highly honored if you and your (school/college etc) can spare some time from your/their busy schedule to attend the training.


We endeavor to improve the learning environment, and build the capacity for beneficiaries to electronically learning methods. Our aim is to offer opportunities of learning by using technological infrastructures such as e-learning platforms etc and become a point of contact for all people wanting to know more about the opportunity of the technology.


We also aim to make this project as a community centre and a focal point for our youth, as well as support student activities for teaching, exploring the world and use the technology effectively.


As we all know, that most of the users connected to the internet NOW days, use it in NEGATIVELY by watching pornography, dating, spreading rumors & gossip, committing crimes etc.


  • We want to build the capacity for beneficiaries concerning the use of ICT.
  • We want to improve the learning environment.
  • We want to shape our society and promote our culture.
  • We want to protect our young kids by creating safe-learning environment.
  • We want to created an INTERNET SAFE-SURFING environment
  • We want to teach the community about POSITIVE-OPPORTUNITY provided the use of Technology.



The Training will be conducted within your school/college compound. So is your duty to prepare a class room for that.


In order to conduct such training, please make sure that your e-classroom/Computer Room/Lab has a least (NOTE: *** are Must) the following:

  • Projector and its accessories ***
  • Tables and Chairs for Computer ***
  • CCTV Cameras for Security (Inside and outside of the classroom)
  • Networked Computers and its accessories
  • 1 File Server.
  • Software Licenses
  • Conference Speakers
  • Network equipments
  • Internet Connection (Recommend: High Speed Connection) ***










To participate on the training, you are required to write an official stamped letter requesting to participate the training and explaining the facilities you have on your school computer room etc with the heading/subject requesting to participate on e-Learning for Primary & Secondary Schools Project – Phase Two.




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