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The Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission (ZBC)


The Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission (ZBC), was established under the Act No. 7 of 1997, in initiatives of promoting free flow by word of ideas and image. It is the successor of the state media known as “Television Zanzibar” and “Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar”. The Commission regulates and supervises broadcasting activities in Zanzibar, it also issues broadcasting licenses for radios and television in Zanzibar and online media.

Its existence has pave way to the people of Zanzibar to have choices in listens different indigenous radio stations and watch different television stations existed within and in the world.

The Commission started its functions March 2002 after the then President Hon. Aman Abeid Karume appointed the first Chairman and Executive Director for Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission and elected the first Commission.

According to Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission Act of 1997, The Commission is headed by a Chairman who is appointed by the President and not more than four members appointed by the President, and one from Attorney General’s office. The Executive Secretary is the one who leads the Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission and also the Secretary of the Commission.

The headquarters of the Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission are at the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Heritage, Zanzibar town. The Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission has also its coordination office in Pemba Island.

There are more than 50 registered broadcasting stations in Zanzibar including radio, television and online media also according to regulations of 2020 the Zanzibar Broadcasting Commission is doing different activities including supervising , monitoring and valuation of the multiplex operator in Zanzibar.


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