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e-Government Agency (eGA)

e-Government Agency (eGA)

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e-Government Agency (eGA) is a semi-autonomous institution established under the Executive Agencies Act, No.30 Cap. 245 of 1997, with the mandate of coordination, oversight and promotion of e-Government initiatives. The Agency was established in implementation of a Cabinet decision made in 2004 and by Tanzania Presidential Instrument Government Notice No. 51 of 17/12/2010 that mandated President’s Office, Public Service Management (PO-PSM) to establish the focal point to coordinate the existing fragmented and isolated e-Government initiatives in Tanzania.

Before the establishment of the Agency, ICT initiatives in the Government were coordinated and managed by the then Directorate of Management of Information Systems (DMIS), now Directorate of Information and Communication Technology Systems (DICTS) under the President’s Office, Public Service Management. The Agency became operational effective in April 2012 and officially inaugurated in July 2012.


“To be the leading innovative institution, enabling the use of ICT for improving Public Service Delivery”


”To create and provide an enabling e-service environment through promotion, coordination, oversight and enforcement of ICT usage for improved Public service delivery.


“Intrergrity and Innovation for Quality Public Service Delivery”.


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