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Our Story started out of personal challenges of searching for a wedding hall in Tanzania while living overseas. It was equally challenging to find wedding vendors such as photographers, videographers, food caterers, etc. In this day and information age, it was surprising to see there was not enough helpful details online for such services. We imagined anyone planning a birthday party, graduation party, etc must be facing the same problem. We therefore decided to create the solution for this challenge. Our goal is to make it very convenient and fast or express process, and thus Conviness idea was born.

For event venues owners, we provide a platform to not only showcase the locations, but also show when they are available for business. We give them access to our system where they can provide availability updates and block the days not available. To start register your venue today here!

For wedding vendors, we provide a space to advertise their services to the engaged couples and wedding planners. Vendors can select the areas/venues they provide their services and thus simplifying the selection process to the consumers.

For engaged couples and party planners, we provide a one stop shopping experience. First and foremost, we help you locate the venue of your choice within your budget. Then we provide a list of vendors doing business in that location.




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